Javascript Integration with Docker on AWS EC2

In this task you have to create a Web Application for Docker (one of the great Containerization Tool which provides the user Platform as a Service (PaaS)) by showing your own creativity and UI/UX designing skills to make the webportal user friendly.

This app will help the user to run all the docker commands like:

docker images

docker ps

docker run

docker rm -f

docker exec

Start your AWS EC2 Instance:

Log in to your instance using the Public IP Address :

ssh -l ec2-user -i st2021_key.pem

Install and enable docker:

yum install docker

systemctl enable docker

Install and start Apache httpd process and python3:

yum install httpd


yum install python3

Create Client Side(.html) and Server Side(.py) program:

Client side program:

Server side program:

To allow webpage permission to run commands:

setenforce 0

vi /etc/sudoers

apache ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD : ALL (add this bellow root ALL = (ALL) ALL )


Add Inbound Rule to allow users access:

Interactive Docker Webpage:

Total look of website:

Using interactive text box:

Using Docker Images Button:

To list all images

Using Docker ps Button:

To list all containers

Using Docker run Button:

To run docker names d1 using centos image

Using Docker rm-f Button:

To forcefully remove the docker d1

Using Docker exec Button:

To execute docker commands

A basic HTML interactive file:

import cgi
import subprocess
o=subprocess.getoutput(“sudo ”+cmd)
Client side program:
function lw(){
var i=document.getElementById("in1").value
var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest();"GET",""+i,true)
var output=xhr.responseText;
Enter your command: <input id="in1"/>
<div id ="d1">Your command output</div>
<button onclick="lw()">click</button>




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