How to Run Machine learning Model on Docker

Hello Everyone!!🖐

In this blog I am going to Show Step by Step process of Deploying Machine Learning Model in the Centos over Docker Container💧 that is running on the top of Red hat Linux 8🔴.

Step 1: Check Docker installed or not. If you don’t have Docker then Click here

Step 2: we need to start docker.

Step 3: Pull the Docker container image of CentOS image from Docker Hub and create a new container.

Step 4 :we need to launch Centos.

Step 5:Install the Python software on the top of centos .

Incase if you have Error , then this might network connectivity issue. To resolve this type these command in the base machine.

firewall-cmd — zone=public — add-masquerade — permanent

firewall-cmd — zone=public — add-port=80/tcp

firewall-cmd — zone=public — add-port=443/tcp

firewall-cmd — reload

systemctl restart docker

Step 6: In Container you need to copy/create machine learning model which you wanted to Deploy.

output of ML Model:

AWESOME, We have SUCCESSFULLY run Machine Learning Model over Docker Container💧.